Valentines Day Cards from your Favorite NBA Players

Valentines Day is here. For some people, this is a fun, exciting day to spend with your partner (or, for Lou Williams, partners). Whether this is a happy or sad day for you, here are some Valentines Day cards from some of the biggest stars in the NBA that might cheer you up. Enjoy.

Joel Embiid:

It seems like Embiid finds a way to insert his signature “Trust the Process” line in everything he says.

Kevin Durant:

KD is a heart-breaker. Nowadays, everyone knows him as a softy.

LeBron James:

This is probably the nicest compliment James could give his current Lakers teammates.

Steph Curry:

You can never go wrong using shooting puns with a sniper like Steph.

JR Smith:

Smith is famously known for not wearing a shirt for days after his team wins the championship.

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